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Hitler was born in Braunau, Austria, April 20, 1889. Growing up his family lived in poor conditions and couldn't afford much. Hitler did not do so well in school. In fact he dropped out of High School when he was 16. He was known for his bad tempers and lack of self discipline, which caused many people to dislike him and it was difficult for him to fit in.

He didn't get along with his father at all. His father Alois was violent and didn't support the fact that his interests were in music and Art. His mother on the other-hand was very quiet and obedient which made her fear her own son. She took caution with everything she did and they ended up having a better relationship. In 1907 she died at the time Hitler was in Vienna trying to get into the fine arts academy. He was devastated and became depressed for a few years after the funeral. After applying into school he went back home for the funeral and later returned to Vienna finding that his application had been rejected. He applied again and was rejected for the second time.

For a while Hitler could only live off of orphan pension and some inheritance which finally left him broke and he was forced to live in a homeless shelter. He was only 21 at the time and had no where to go or anyone to turn to. During the time living at the shelter, Hitler made little money by drawings and paintings. He refused to get a job but gaining interest in politics.


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